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Our build process is swift & efficient.

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Step 1 - Free Estimate

Further down this page you will see an estimator tool. This tool will give you a rough estimate of the sort of cost you could expect for your web project. Its not set in stone and just acts as a starting point for our discussion. You will be emailed the estimate and we will get in touch to see if you’d like to talk about it further.

Step 2 - Full Creative Brief

Once you have received an estimate and would like more info we will send you a full creative brief survey to complete. This document is really useful to you and us. It allows you to get a concrete idea of what you want to achieve, your market, your style, and aesthetic choices amongst many other things. Please take the time to be as detailed as you can with this, it’s super important.

Step 3 - Meeting

We then produce a document that shows our offer to you, the final quotation price and the things we think we will need to do to build you the best possible website for your needs. We will meet with you to talk it through and you will then go away and have a think and decide wether to go ahead.

Step 4 - The Build

Once you have signed our contract and paid your deposit we can get busy making your website happen. We involve you in the process and keep you posted as we reach milestones. We use Zoho Projects & Twist to stay in touch and to share progress. We will finish your website and meet with you again for a handover. We also provide two hours free training in showing you how to manage and edit your website.

Why we use WordPress.

Trusted by millions.

WordPress makes up 42% of all websites online. Some huge organisations such as Sony, BBC, The Whitehouse, Vogue, Disney, Forbes, The New Yorker and many more use WordPress as their chosen platform for creating engaging and exciting content that is easy to use and simple to edit.

WordPress is an open-source non-profit project and free to use.

WordPress simplifies

WordPress is what’s known as a Content Management System or CMS. This means it takes the complicated structure of a well-made website and makes it easy to access for those with little to no coding skills or technical understanding.

Blazing performance

WordPress is at the cutting edge of web technology and is constantly evolving to keep up with developments in how we create and share web content. It helps create and meet industry standards meaning your website will have maximum compatibility.

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